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PM with radio personality Barry Gray as emcee, this iteration aired for 4. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the show aired for a half- hour and was paired with Bride and Groom.

PM; its replacement, the soap opera Miss Susan, did not do very well but nonetheless managed to beat Winner by enough in the ratings. Lewis and the 4.

Winner bowed from the television airwaves once again on April 2. AM, struck a deal with Goodson- Todman to air a new daytime version with Cullen returning as emcee.

Debuting on February 2. Wikimedia Commons During a appearance on 'Press Your Luck', Larson set the record for most money won during a daytime game show when.

It was the first game show produced by the Mark Goodson-Bill Todman. On the days that Godfrey aired at 1. Winner did not fare well. On April 7, CBS permanently slotted a program at 1.

Winner ended on April 2. Matinee in New York, which aired at 4: Matinee ended on September 5, 1. CBS tried a revival for their daytime schedule with Sonny Fox as host.

The rules were a bit different, in that the champion chose from one of ten categories, then wagered all or part of their previous winnings.

Episode status[edit]Both the radio and television versions are believed to have been destroyed as per network practices. Of the radio series, only three episodes hosted by Cullen are known to exist.

Only two episodes of Gray's version exist, from April 1. Cullen's version fared better, with four episodes surviving February 2. March 5, and a fourth episode with a more elaborate set.

These six episodes have been seen on GSN at one time or another. No Wilson, Collyer, or Matinee- era episodes are known to exist.

However, the May 1. If you know we playing or not.. End Game 5" being the one anniversary episode. This makes sense as WWE '1. Europe on 2 November of that year.

Of course, it's far more than that. Like "real" wrestling it is filled with storylines, rivalries and theatrics, but, unlike "real" wrestling, few if any of the fight results are actually scripted, leading to strange twists and upsets that would never happen in the real world.

And, since the backgrounds and abilities of the characters don't necessarily transfer over into the ring, some very strange things can happen.

A Saiyan can be a jobber, Raphael can be a heel, and Gabe Newell can fight and in some cases win a bout with Ganon. Yet through it all, those watching the broadcast some live streams have had nearly 5,0.

Over the course of the show's history, there have been seven shows within the VGCW universe: The first season, entitled "The Little Mc.

Mahon Saga", aired from November to late December of 2. The feud ended with Little Mac turning against Mc.

Mahon and shortly afterwards getting hit by a car. The season ended on the next episode with a Christmas Special. Season 2, "Turnabout Turnbuckle", went from January to early February 2.

Phoenix Wright's investigations of who was behind the shocking events at the end of the previous season, while Bazza Mc. Mahon and his crew - including a mysterious green- clad masked man known as "Mr.

L" - try to stop him. Mahon was arrested and his crew dissolved, with Mr. L going on a rampage that was only stopped when Mario arrived and restored his memories, revealing Mr.

L to be Luigi. Season 3,"The Great Tournament", began on 1. Season 4, "Wrestlevania" dealt with the dictatorial rule of Dracula, the fallout of his takeover, and how it affects some of the most notable superstars in the VGCW.

The season finale, "End Game 4", was shown on 2 June 2. Season 5, "Dragon Brawl", began on 1. He is a multi-time WWE Champion winning …. Levesque was born in Nashua, New Hampshire.

In this season, Nappa was hunting down the Dragon Balls to wish Vegeta back to life, while various other wrestlers hunt them for their own reasons; Eggman and Wily for world domination, Adam and Gabe to "stop the evildoers" in reality, Adam wanted to wish Gabe and Safety Valve out of his life , and Wario and Waluigi for money.

The season ended with "End Game 5" on 5 November 2. Nappa and Flint succeeded in collecting all seven Dragon Balls, only for Kefka to steal them from Nappa and use them to ascend to godhood and kill Shenron himself.

The combined forces of the eight ball- hunting wrestlers was almost enough to stop him, but in the end Shenron's spirit offered Nappa one final wish, which he used to bring Vegeta back to life and turn the tables on the jester, defeating him and removing his deity status.

Bazza switching to the significantly- improved WWE 2. Season 6, "The Phoenix Cross", debuted on 1. This season has Phoenix Wright and Solid Snake feuding against each other, especially since the former has been hearing the voice that haunted him in Season 4 again, and this time he's more obedient to its demands.

The season ended on 4 February 2. The voice haunting Phoenix, and directly responsible for the events of Seasons 2 through 6 by having Phoenix run over Mac, was an alternate Phoenix Wright, who wanted to destroy every known Solid Snake in existence.

Phoenix Wrong" was stopped by the real Phoenix, and banished to another dimension, finally ending the madman's story. In addition to all this, a special newcomers- only King of the Ring tournament called Star Road was held on 2.

The complete DVD set is a comprehensive, level one, training program for beginners and intermediate Jiu-Jitsu practiti. Sixteen competitors fought for just one spot on the main roster.

In the end, only one left standing: Season 7, "The Ring Rangers" debuted on 1. The season ended on 1. Ring Ranger invasion as Johnny Cage is tasked with finding the elusive 'Soldier Black' to prove his innocence in the whole affair.

Meanwhile, the Practice seem to be putting their Master Plan into motion as they have begun building an army consisting of wrestlers that have been abducted and converted into cyborgs.

Protoman leads the charge against the cyborgs but his efforts seem to be in vain. The season concluded on September 1.

Practice set their sights on their ultimate target: However after the roboticized Chief Arino goes rogue and gets a massive power boost allowing him to brutalize the GM, a terrified Gaben unleashes his latent potential and becomes a nightmarish force.

Adam was about to take the position since he was Gabe's vice GM, but as soon as he's about to announce it, Baz Mc.

He then denies Adam the spot, followed by announcing that instead the VGCW will hold a second tournament to determine who will take Gabe's spot.

The season ended on February 1. Nightmare Gabe will continue to be a threat going into the next season, having defeated a powered- up Ganon in the ring at End Game 9.

Unlike the last tournament, this one actually reached its conclusion, with the winner being to the absolute shock of everyone, Gary Oak.

During this time, the second Star Road was announced, which occurred on February 3rd. In the end, the winner was Zubaz, earning himself a spot on the roster.

VGCW scene and challenging the more established veterans. At the same time, someone had began threatening various wrestlers backstage and Travis found himself at the center of the controversy.

All while the threat of Nightmare Gabe, who has threatened to kill every living being on Earth unless he could be defeated lingers. Bazza had announced that this would be his last season as showrunner for the main roster, with his successor announced to be former Home host The.

The season concluded on June 9, 2. Illidan leaves Gary and enters a feud with Armstrong, culminating in a brutal Iron Man match that saw the Senator squeak out a 9- 8 victory at the last second.

Dante is revealed to be the one behind the threatening messages and attacks as part of an attempt to frame Travis.

Travis defeats him to settle their feud, only to find himself once again tag teaming with him on Gary's orders. Shark Attack, debuted on July 1.

After the numerous threats to the world VGCW has caused, the company is under fire from British Parliament and forced to move out of its current ring in England.

Take the company on a trip to an unnamed island for a Beach Episode, of course! In stark contrast to the previous seasons involving world- threatening forces, this season decides to take a breather and just have some fun with the cast getting involved in shenanigans on the beach while still fighting for the titles..

While they're dealing with the Game. What gaming computer desk is the best for you and your family? Review top 8 of the Best computer desks and read buying guide to find the best desk.

How to Build a 'Cheap' Gaming Computer. When it comes to computer gaming hardware, better parts mean higher resolutions and higher frame rates.

Better parts also entail higher costs, so unless you need to. High Tech - News, Reviews and Tests. Samsung announced a new low- end Chromebook in its lineup, the Chromebook 3, which is expected to arrive early this year with a dual- core Intel Celeron chip, an 1.

Late last week, Microsoft approached me to see if I would be interested in working with them and with Futuremark on the release of the new 3. As we get all the more closer to the release of Fallout 4, it appears that Bethesda is making sure people.

This new feature test from Futuremark, which will be integrated into an upcoming 3DMark release, measures API performance by looking at.

Provides extranet privacy to clients making a range of tests and surveys available to their human resources departments.

Companies can test prospective and current. Broadband Internet Speed Test. Of course I jumped at the chance, with Direct.

Microsoft set us up with the latest iteration of 3. DMark and the latest DX1. The feature test will be a part of the next revision of 3. DMark, which will likely ship in time with the full Windows 1.

Futuremark claims that it is the "world's first independent" test that allows you to compare the performance of three different APIs: It was almost one year ago that Microsoft officially unveiled the plans for Direct.

Josh wrote up a solid editorial on what we believe DX1. PC gaming, that you should check out if you want more background on the direction DX1.

The most direct benefit of this, as we saw with AMD's Mantle implementation over the past couple of years, is improved quantity of draw calls that a given hardware system can utilize in a game engine.

Continue reading our overview of the new 3. Draw calls are, in a concise way of putting it, a request from the CPU and the game engine running on it to draw and render an object.

There are typically thousands of draw calls being placed every frame in a modern game but each of those requests adds a level of overhead to the system, limiting performance in some extreme cases.

As that draw call count rises, game engines can become limited by that API overhead. The effect is one clearly shown by Stardock and the Oxide Engine - a game without draw call overhead limits can immediately, and drastically, change how a game functions and how a developer can create new and exciting experiences.

This new feature test from Futuremark, which will be integrated into an upcoming 3. DMark release, measures API performance by looking at the balance between frame rates and draw calls.

At a high level, here is how the test works: Once that occurs, it keeps that draw call count and measures frame rates for 3 seconds.

It then computes the draw calls per second frame rate multiplied by draw calls per frame and the result is displayed for the user.

In order to ensure that the API is the bottleneck in this test, the scene is built procedurally with unique geometries that have an indexed mesh of 1.

There is no post- processing and the shaders are very simple to make sure the GPU is not a primary bottleneck. There are three primary tests the application runs through for all hardware, and a fourth if you have Mantle- capable AMD hardware.

That balance leaves one dedicated core for the display driver. They divide the draw calls even between the total thread count.

Our test system was built around the following hardware: ME and a Sapphire R9 2. AMD we used 1. For our GTX 9.

X results, you'll see a number of scores. The Haswell- E processor was run in its stock state 8 cores, Hyper.

Threading on to get baseline numbers but we also started disabling cores on the CPU in order to get some idea of the drop off as we reduce the amount of processor horsepower available to Direct.

As you'll no doubt see, six cores appears like it will be plenty to maximize draw call capability. Let's digest our results. First on the bench is the Ge.

Even using the best- case for Direct. M draw calls per second, which is an increase of nearly 6x! While you should definitely not expect to see 6x improvements in gaming performance when DX1.

CPU headroom that the new API offers means that developers can be beginning planning next- generation game engines accordingly. For our core count reduction, we see that 8 cores with Hyper.

C with no HT and 6. C without HT all result in basically the same maximum draw call throughput. Once we drop to 4.

C, we decrease the peak draw call rate by nearly 2. A move to a dual- core system falls to 7. M draw calls per second, resulting in another 7.

Finally, at 1- core, the draw calls hit only 4. We will still need to test other CPU platforms to see how they handle both CPU core and CPU clock speed scaling but it appears that even high end quad- core rigs will have more than enough performance headroom to stretch DX1.

Our results with the Radeon R9 2. X in the same platform look similar. M draw calls per second. That shouldn't surprise us: Clearly the current implementation of drivers from AMD is doing quite well, besting the maximum draw count rate of the GTX 9.

M per second or so. That said, comparisons across GPU platforms at this point is less relevant than you might think.

More on that later. UP when given the full 8- cores on the Core i. I also did some testing with a couple of more mainstream GPUs: The results here are more than a bit surprising: The green bar is the stock performance of our platform with the GTX 9.

At stock settings, the GTX 9. However, with a modest overclock on the mainstream card, we were able to record a DX1. Now, clearly we do not and will never expect the in- game performance of the GTX 9.

No game available today shows that kind of difference - in fact we would expect the GTX 9. Exactly why we see this scale so high with the overclocked GPU is still an unknown - we have asked Microsoft and Futuremark for some insight.

Of course we ran the Radeon R9 2. In this case we did not see the drastic increase in draw call rate with the overclocked R9 2.

X and R9 2. K APU benefits from a 7. That should improve game performance for properly written DX1.

Though minimal in quantity compared to the grand scheme of things we want to test with, the results we are showing here today paint a very positive picture about the future of Direct.

Since the announcement of Mantle from AMD and its subsequent release in a couple of key titles, the move to an API with less overhead and higher efficiency has been clamored for by enthusiasts, developers and even hardware vendors.

Microsoft stepped up the plate, willing to sacrifice so much of what made Direct. X a success the past to pave a new trail with Direct.

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Universal Pictures also opened a roller coaster, Revenge of the Mummy, in 2. Novelizations of the film and its sequels were written by Max Allan Collins.

In Thebes, Egypt, 1. When the Pharaoh discovers their tryst, Imhotep and Anck- su- Namun kill him. As Seti's guards arrive, Imhotep flees while Anck- su- Namun kills herself, intending for Imhotep to resurrect her.

After Anck- su- Namun's burial, Imhotep and his priests steal her corpse and travel to Hamunaptra, the city of the dead, where they begin the resurrection ceremony.

However, the group is intercepted by Seti's bodyguards, the Medjai, before the ritual can be completed, and Anck- su- Namun's soul is sent back to the Underworld.

Imhotep's priests are all mummified alive. One summer, we took a ferry out to Clare Island and spent all day on the beach.

Although the plane rides are never fun, visiting Ireland is always something I look forward to. My next two years of high school will fly by quickly, and I hope college will leave enough time for the occasional trip back to Ireland.

Their collective life experience, and the extent of their local knowledge are important resources, and ones which all continue to make readily available for the benefit of the magazine, and ultimately of its readership.

Not only this but all have worked on the everyday tasks of O sourcing articles, collecting and identifying photographs, proofreading, collecting patronage fees, distributing magazines, etc.

Tributes were delivered by Jim Lundon, Chairman, and the four honoured members were presented with specially engraved Crystal timepieces.

Long may the Annagh Magazine benefit from their wisdom and insight. The deadline for contributing articles and photographs for Annagh is Friday, 23rd October Please support local business L-R: The extracts are a wide range of events and occurrences relating to Ballyhaunis and district, including cultural, political, religious and sporting events of local, national and international importance; local deaths; instances of extraordinary weather, etc.

They are grouped by calendar date from 1st January to 31st December. There are a small number of happenings from the late nineteenth century and the first two decades of the nineteenth century.

Local occurrences during the War of Independence and Civil War are listed, but most of the material dates from the late s up to the early s.

As it runs to sixty-seven pages of typescript, it would be impossible to reprint it all here in once instalment.

Last year we featured those events that took place on dates from 1st January to 30th April. This year the period covered runs from 1st May to 31st August.

Murray merchant , Devlis, died. Pat Tighe, Main Street, died. May 17th - - Paddy Cunningham dentist died. Annie James Phillips, Main St.

Glavey late Knox St. Broddy Benson, Main St. Johnny Carney died 7th - - T. Luke Grealy Anne Waldron , Drimbane died.

Clarke exStation Master, Bekan , died at Aughrim. Doris brother of William and P. Molly Flatley nee Smyth , Main St.

Conway died at Castlerea. Harry McConville , died at Ballyvary. Dillon Kite , Devlis, died after arriving from Dublin hospital.

Barney Lyons, Bridge St. June 1st - - Turf boycott. Nimbus 1, Amour Drake 2, Swallow Tail 3. My Love 1, Royal Drake 2, Noor 3.

Knock died in Dublin. Queensland , aged 80, died. Paddy Mulligan nee Egany died. Fitzgerald Kenney, Martin Nally, J. Ruane and Clan na Talmhan, farmers with band and banners Messrs.

Blowick, Commins and Cafferkey. McCann Dublin , brilliant weather. Duignan National Museum visited district. Leetch preached at Bennett, Hollymount, journalist, died in Castlebar hospital.

Jarlath Waldron, ordained in Maynooth; wooden vessel found by James Cribbin in Togher bog brought in. Derrig, Minister of Education, present.

Pat Glavey left and Dr. Congress; two bus loads eighty left here 6 a. Michael Lyons, Upper Main St. Waldron died, about 2 a.

Prendergast, Maire Ni Scolaighe; Mrs. Anne Cribbin relict of Thomas , Togher, died. July 1st - - Mrs. Mary Biesty, Knox St. Higgins Lena Kenny died in Castlebar.

Duffy, Devlis wife of E. Julia Gilmore Knox St. Carroll, Erritt mother of Mrs. Waldron , 92 years. Prendergast as Chancellor of Archdiocese; Fr.

Michael Fitzmaurice and Fr. Douglas Hyde died 89 ; very sultry day; remarkable rainbows 10 a. Joseph Carney Kansas, U.

Donnellan daughter of Martin Fahy N. Pat Freeley, Main St. Attempt to burn barracks. Railway bridge at mill blown up.

Free state forces National Army enter from Ballinlough and occupy town amid scenes of wild enthusiasm; arrests. Hugh Curley to Headford as P. Pat Fitzmaurice nee Ellen Kilkenny , Togher, aged 80, died.

Martin Fahy widow of Martin Fahy, N. August 1st - - Pattern at Holywell. Burke, Concord Ave. Derrinstown 1, Whale Harbour 2, Homer Gray 3.

Michael Loftus, Knox St. Sullivan addressed important letter on Irish question. McDonagh and Kelleher called in.

Prendergast in chair; Mr. Commissioner Egan, Secretary, Co. Council, present ; Orlar Pattern day, very wet and windy.

John Glavey, Knox St. Walsh, Archbishop, present; message from the Pope. Leech USA preached in St. Michael Flynn, native of Ballyhaunis, Vincentian died.

Winifred Murphy, Main St. Murphy, sister of Fr. Taaffe sister of P. Caulfield , Knock, died. Taaffe nee Caulfield , Knock.

Catherine Byrne, Johnstown Ed. Meath , Mayo John Delaney, nee Judge, died suddenly in Roscommon. Cist, visited Ballyhaunis Mrs.

Bekan, died in Castlebar hospital. County Council, Brackloon, died in Castlebar hospital. I remember clearly the first time I met Joe, to tell you the truth, I was a bit overawed, but after meeting him, I found him to be a simple and down-to-earth man - for someone who performed in places from the old Soviet Union, to Las Vegas, to South Africa.

He told me on many occasions how he loved playing in the West of Ireland, and especially Ballyhaunis.

He loved the people that came to see his show. I recall on the occasions he performed here in Ballyhaunis in the Midas Club, the roadies would arrive at 5pm to set up the gear.

My job was to be there to let them in. The roadies would have the gear up for 8pm and Joe, his brother Ben and the rest of the band would arrive at 8.

I would then lock the doors. Joe and the band would do a sound check which would last an hour or so. I attended the funeral of Joe in Mullingar last year.

After the sound check, Joe, his brother Ben and the band, with the roadies, would sit around a table and the game of poker would start.

He was a man that never forgot to look after the people who worked with and for him. Joe Dolan with Kitty and Jimmy Fleming.

Seamus Tarpey, Helen Tarpey, Fr. James Lyons, Ballyhaunis ow can you write about a grandfather from Ballyhaunis whom you never met? After all he died in , all of six years before I was born.

And his wife Kate died in when my mother was only thirteen years of age. The answer lies in the fact that my m a t e r n a l grandparents from Ballyhaunis had fifteen children, and even though one was a priest, two were nuns, one never James Lyons married, and two died at birth, the rest produced forty-five children and loads of first cousins for me and my siblings.

And my mother was very proud of her father and his entrepreneurial spirit. She inherited that spirit and inculcated it in me. When my grandmother Kate died at the early age of 50, my then teenage mother Gretta moved in with her elder brother John Lyons, who was then a dispensary doctor in Kilkelly.

It was not unusual in those years of large families to have older children rear younger children. He was one of five children from the union of George Lyons, a classics hedge-school teacher, and a lady from Dublin called Wade.

James Lyons was a very small man in stature but he had great energy. He quickly built up a substantial business in Ballyhaunis.

I have a copy of his advertisement in the Western People newspaper of , when my grandfather was 42 years of age. As the son of a teacher he would have had a good education.

And he used his relative wealth to ensure that his children were also well educated. Cong; two nuns - Bridie, Sr.

Albeus, of the Sisters of Mercy, and Mollie, Sr. Dip in Ed, from University College Dublin in All of his then thirteen living children are present, except my Auntie Bridie, who was then Sr.

Albeus of the Sisters of Mercy. The funeral Mass was celebrated by his son and my uncle Fr. Laurence, assisted by forty priests.

The obituary in the Western People was fulsome in its praise of him in the flowery language of the times: For the last ten years I have been trying to find the answer.

I have consulted widely with experts on languages, with history experts and with local historians. I have had two explanations, endorsed individually as accurate by first cousins.

There is no doubt but that my grandfather supplied wines and that he would have had the finest wines. Both explanations are plausible. Perhaps I will get the definitive answer some day.

Well, while I never met my Mayo grandfather from Ballyhaunis, I certainly knew him because my mother Gretta made sure that I knew him and the influence he had on her life.

She married my father Archie Murdoch from Dingle, Co Kerry in and they had a long and happy life. I have since been adopted as a stray by Mayo, no doubt influenced by my mother and grandfather.

Henry Murdoch The author, at age 70 is a semi-retired barrister and chartered engineer. He plays golf off a handicap of Reprinted with the kind permission of Mainstream Publishing Co.

It was not just that he was the most complete and forceful football player ever to emerge from his home town of Ballyhaunis or that he possessed a likeable sunny confidence.

You can see it in the brimming energy evident in black and white photographs of him accepting the inaugural trophy for Ballyhaunis Footballer of the Year in , in the winsome smile and dark, glittering eyes, the touch of Travolta in the wavy brown locks and flamboyant collars.

Ballyhaunis is a parish that has always been conscious of its geographical place, flush against Roscommon and on the edge of the Mayo interior; having Ted Webb made it seem as though the bigger towns looked east in envy for once.

The thing was that Ted Webb lived his twenty one years without ever becoming spoilt or aloof. He knew that his athleticism and the dark flashing looks gave him a distinct allure when it came to summer championship afternoons or the Sunday night dances in Ballinlough or Castlerea.

But he handled it with grace and appreciation and somehow managed to make people feel part of his good fortune rather than harbour any misplaced envy towards him.

In a low-wattage, decent town like Ballyhaunis, that sort of incandescence is not easily replaced, or forgotten. Where Ted operated on charm, Mike tended to be feisty.

Mike remembers a moment from the day of the All-Ireland minor final in , when Mayo beat Cork. Mike had been injured in the Connacht Championship and was a substitute on that September day in Croke Park.

He returned shortly before the final and was spotted in casual clothes as the team headed into the great stadium, all smiles and good wishes for his brother.

But the strike in the Antrim replay stays vivid to those who witnessed it and was caught on file that lies lost and unlabelled in the RTE vaults at Montrose.

Racing onto a pass from Richie Bell, Webb came thundering through the Antrim defence towards the Hill 16 goal and let fly.

That team was supposed to transform what was threatening to be a woebegone decade for Mayo senior football.

For Ted Webb, it was supposed to be the beginning. He was quite clear that his ambition was to win an All-Ireland senior championship with Mayo. Ted Webb was always serious about football.

Edward Webb was privately delighted but somewhat dubious about the idea. The care that Ted took in his appearance was something of a family joke.

He was meticulous about his clothes and liked to be well turned out. Working at home meant Ted could practise his football whenever he pleased.

He kept eccentric hours, regularly coming in from work at ten at night and phoning to persuade his cousin, another Michael Webb, to come up to the pitch so he could blast his high velocity swerving shots at him, often pointing the car headlights at the goalposts during winter sessions.

Those solitary sessions did Mayo no harm: He could give a ball left or right and he would put it into your chest.

He was in motion all the time. Mick was a real character. The night that Billy Fitzpatrick came back into the Mayo panel after a long absence, Ted went up to Mick and put the arm Mayo v.

Keane, Gerry Mannion Roscommon. Billy Fitz must have been about the age of thirty then and everyone was delighted to see him back. And that was his last night.

The Webbs have thought about that night, 26 February , thousands of times. As the years have passed, the smallest details have become magnified.

The kitchen has always been the gathering point, with a pleasant range and busy mantelpiece and high ceilings. The boys were not yet born when their uncle died but they speak of Ted as though they know him and they can recall the hours before his death with almost the sane clarity as can their father or Cait, their mother.

Like so many of these things, it happened mainly as a result of terrible luck. Ted and Mike had returned from Mayo training in Castlebar and were settling down for the evening.

Kojak was on television and Ted was eating a bowl of Ambrosia Creamed Rice. Word came that their uncle, Pat Lyons was in a pub across the road and needed a lift out to the home place in Skeaghard.

Ted volunteered and left immediately. It was a couple of miles from Ballyhaunis but the road to the house is dissected by the main Dublin-Westport railway line.

Strict observance of the rules of crossing the line meant unlocking both gates, driving the car across and then getting out to relock the gates.

But nobody really did that. All the Webbs and Lyons knew the scheduled train times by heart, and anyway Ted was simply going to drop his Uncle Pat at the door and hightail it back in the road.

The lone certainty is that as Ted approached the crossing line on his way back home, an unscheduled goods train was moving remorselessly towards the west.

Ted was driving the white Peugeot that night. He probably had the radio on. He probably snapped off the lights but because it was not a passenger train, there were no carriage lights to warn him, just two low headlights on the front of the engine, obscured by the grass banks.

There was nothing to be seen other than the dark peace of the countryside. The engine bulldozed the car years down the rack before it could be halted.

Then he learned that it had been Ted after all. Mike Webb often dwells on that journey home from training that night, the Webb brothers with Johnno driving and Jimmy Browne chatting away.

In the months and years afterwards, Mike Webb found himself wishing they had sailed into that heather and scrub grass, because they would surely have been fine, except for a few bruises.

And that would have meant time would have been altered. Ted would have driven his uncle home much later and would have missed that infernal, malevolent train, cloaked by night.

The sequence of events would have been changed and therefore rendered harmless. Those few seconds could have made a difference.

Cait had gone out with Ted for some months the previous year and knew the family. She takes the photograph of the final down from the wall and points to the blurred background image of a blonde girl in large sunglasses seated near the front of the crowd.

I was looking at this shortly after Mike and I got married and there I was. They all thought it amusing in this house. And I suppose all our initial conversations would have been about Ted.

But I am glad that I knew him because he was a lovely fella and he had a good way about him. And it was important because I heard so much about him, coming to live here for the last thirty years.

If I never knew Ted, I would have always wondered how Mike and others were never jealous. Like, Ted was a bit of a charmer.

He was only twenty-one and yet he made such an impact on everybody and made such an impression on people that to this day he is talked about. People talk about him in a way that means his personality never really left.

And an old school friend of hers called in. This woman left Ballyhaunis long ago but Ted came up in conversation. And she was recalling how, when she was at school, all the girls would just be praying that this footballer would even say hello to them.

And how on the night of the removal, she took a flower from one of the wreath and pressed it into 31 a diary.

She said she still has the diary. A special float, draped in the Ballyhaunis colours, was constructed to hold the floral tributes that began to arrive at the Webb household from Friday morning.

The removal took place on Saturday night and the main street in the town was dimmed and silent while the cortege moved up towards the church.

They remembered his best matches, and which was his finest hour was open to debate. In a tribute that appeared in the Western People the following week, Ivan Neill wrote: In match reporting throughout the county, I had watched this young Ballyhaunis player in practically all major club and championship games and have many memories of his fine performances.

But one performance which will always hold strong memories for me was in a senior championship game against Kiltane last season.

Official estimates were that 4, people were present for the Monday morning funeral, but it felt like many, many more.

The Mayo football team and the club boys formed a guard of honour. It was all very quiet and poignant and hard to reconcile with reality.

After all, he had just been dropping his uncle out the road. And then it was over. Letters and seraphic cards and Mass cards continued to arrive. All those small consolations amounted to a considerable comfort.

One night, the doorbell rang and Paddy Waldron came in with a proposition. He wondered if the Webbs might consider donating a cup for the new Under Connacht championship.

It became the Ted Webb Cup. Edward Webb was thrilled with that. Images from the big European soccer match between Liverpool and Barcelona flicker through the pub windows and look attractive from the street, full of bright, compelling scenes of contemporary sporting glamour.

Ted Webb was a George Best fan. Best had yet to quit Manchester United when Ted Webb died. Ballyhaunis was his kingdom.

Keane, Ger Feeney, Seamus Reilly. Leaving Cert Class, On a separate table stood one large unlit candle. The spacious staff room had a scent of fresh paint and the spotless carpet matched the brown leathercovered padded seats which were arranged in an elliptical formation around the room.

This was September , and it was the momentous occasion of the first staff meeting of the Community School in Ballyhaunis. The meeting commenced by Fr.

Des Walsh reading a special prayer invoking the help of the Holy Spirit for the success of the school. Then the three former principals, Sr.

Eddie Thornton, from the Convent of Mercy, St. In turn they extinguished the candles and together they lit the large candle. There were a few glazed eyes, especially among the older staff members.

The Community School was a new concept in education and unique to the West of Ireland. There were less than a dozen in the whole country at the time.

The merging of three separate schools, each with its own ethos and identity, would barely be contemplated in most towns. It took vision, foresight and courage to embrace this innovation.

Personal interests and comfort zones were set aside in the interest of the common good. There was a steely vision for a bright new future for secondary education in Ballyhaunis.

We were embarking not only on a new educational journey, but what seemed like a spiritual mission. The staff of nearly forty, which included four nuns and three priests, and of which almost two thirds were males, with the exception of six or seven were all in their twenties and thirties including the Principal, Eddie Thornton.

We had a singular intent on making Ballyhaunis a centre of educational excellence. We knew that we had the professionals, the expertise and the reservoir of knowledge to compete with the best and now, with everything under the one roof and with the most up-to-date facilities and equipment, it was a matter of implementing the curriculum.

Students were no longer labelled honours or pass. They could now enjoy a system of time-tabling called setting. This system allowed students to slot into classes in individual subjects appropriate to their abilities and they could select subjects for which they had an aptitude.

Apart from the usual subjects, sport, recreation and culture were central to the educational philosophy of the school.

Teachers brought all kinds of ideas on extra curricular activities to staff meetings. Anything worthwhile was implemented and this was possible because virtually every teacher got involved in some sort of leisure outside of class.

The production of the biennial musical was and is the cultural highlight of the school. The co-operation of teachers was almost unreal.

Large numbers of teachers travelled around the country supporting teams that reached All-Ireland semi-finals and finals in a variety of sports.

While extra-curricular activities were a central part of school policy, however, academic excellence had to take priority. All parents want their children to do well in their exams.

It can be very satisfying and rewarding to see a pupil who, on enrolling, needs special education and then after five years, leaving the school as a happy and well rounded young adult with a successful leaving cert.

There were several winners of the commemorative scholarships. There are seven of these awarded annually, based on the results of different groupings of subjects in the leaving cert.

When the school won two out of seven in the same year, it prompted an educational correspondent for The Irish Times the late Christina Murphy to visit the school and write a major feature article on how a community school in a small town in the West of Ireland could win two out of the seven scholarships, considering that 60, students sat the leaving cert.

On a personal level, one of the best achievements I experienced was a class result. Overall, Ballyhaunis Community School has been a very positive and happy place in which to work.

We had the sad experience of losing two wonderful colleagues in their prime: Only four of the original staff remain after thirty years, but the replacement crop of young, vibrant, dedicated professionals are eager and willing to keep up the great tradition of the school.

Although the gender balance is now reversed the application to duty is even better and the staff room is much easier on the eye! Having retired a year ago and looking back over the last thirty years and taking nostalgia into account, Ballyhaunis Community School, since its foundation has been a place of generous spirit, a place of small problems and large hearts.

I think the hallmark of a good school can be judged on how the staff treats each other, and the way the school takes care of the weakest and on both counts the school comes out with top marks.

Under the steady eye of the present captain, Pat McHugh, everything augers well for the future. The special education department in the school is second to none and the convivial atmosphere in the staff room has often been remarked upon by department inspectors.

When all is stripped bare my abiding happy memories are of the breaks and free classes spent relaxing in the staff room having a chat with a friendly colleague.

Christy Ruane 33 The Golden Anniversary of the Weissenbergers he sanctity of marriage calls for dedication, love, devotion and honour between two individuals.

Nothing reflects the perfection between a happily married couple better than a Golden Wedding Anniversary. The eldest of six children, Della was the first in her family to depart for America, alone and unsure, back in at the tender age of nineteen.

She travelled by boat for eleven days to start her new life in America. After a year in the States, she met Joseph at a local church dance in T Brooklyn.

Joe was living with his German parents in Ridgewood at the time, and was also serving in the U. Still, within a year of their meeting, they were engaged to be married.

Fifty years later, a lot has changed. At their Golden Wedding Anniversary party, all of their children and all of their fourteen grandchildren plus one more on the way basked in the momentous day.

Continued health and happiness to the Weissenbergers of Commack. Joseph and Della Weissenberger. The Byrne Sisters of Derrymore, Ballyhaunis were all in attendance.

Della Weissenberger and Margaret Byrne. A roll call of the same mourners who one month ago looked down on her body in its best tweed suit.

Out the window a crow picks holes in the skin of the autumn fruit. Patricia Byrne Della and Joe celebrated their golden anniversary at the Smithtown Landing Country Club in Kings Park, NY with their six children and their spouses, fourteen grandchildren and one more grandchild on the way.

From his papers, carefully preserved by his niece Margaret Rafferty nee Mulkeen , it is possible to detail some aspects of his short life.

His brothers were named Thomas and Michael and his sister Delia. With the support and financial help from his sister Delia who, at the time was working in Madison Avenue in New York, he enrolled in the Senior Engineering Department of the Municipal Technical College at Hull in studying everything from Morse Transmitting and Receiving to Electrical Calculations.

Rodgie Grogan graduated and went to work as a Radio officer on a variety of ships. The Second World War had broken out in September and by it appeared that Germany was gaining the upper hand.

Control of the air and sea passages was vital. German submarines targeted and sank many merchant ships on the high seas. Despite travelling in convoy and being protected by the navy, those who worked aboard were very vulnerable.

He described Capetown as a modern and up-to-date city. He said he expected to arrive in England at the end of October. He hoped that his mother had written to him from her holiday at the seaside as he was eager for family and local news.

On 26th November official letters that all relations of serving personnel during wartime dread, began to arrive to his mother at 18 Welbeck St.

This was actually the address of his landlady Mrs. At time of writing there are only 22 survivors. Grogan telegrammed for precise information, still holding out hope for their beloved Rodgie.

These hopes were finally dashed when a letter came directly to Ballyhaunis on 2nd December saying: His letter went on: It was at night, in fact just about nine minutes past midnight.

I had just come off watch and Paddy had taken over for the I was having a snack before turning in, when we were struck. Paddy ran out on deck; I followed closely.

I hurried back into our cabin, which was next to the winches room and dressed as quickly as I could. As it was being lowered, the ropes holding the after end slipped, while those forward stuck.

Consequently the lifeboat was tilted to a perpendicular angle, and everyone fell into the water. We all stayed together for a bit, and later I saw a lifeboat with the Captain in it being rowed away from the flames.

I eventually got to the lifeboat, and was picked up a little later on by a naval motor launch. He has been ill in bed or would have replied earlier.

If he had not been a strong swimmer he would have gone, but he kept afloat for an hour or more, and was picked up.

The Captain was the only other surviving officer. Your sweet sad letter, [which, even now, I cannot read without tears] has brought the tragedy home to us.

Your brother, God rest his gallant soul, was just in his prime. The other radio officer was 21, just married. His wife was waiting for the ship to reach London.

I feel so deeply for you all in your grief, especially for your mother, whom God will help, for no others can.

How I wish I could come over and see you, and assure you all of my very deep sympathy. Yours sincerely Alma E. Grogan on 29th January saying: He was at all times a steady and reliable person and we feel sure that in his passing he will have left many friends who will mourn him for years to come.

I have also had Mrs. Leadly to see me and advised her to communicate with you and to send you all papers etc. Margaret Rafferty recalls that her mother, Delia, always avoided looking at the sea, even in the movies.

It was built by the Imperial War Graves Commission in honour of the Merchant Navy and fishing fleets and records the names of 24, officers and men who lost their lives in the War through enemy action and have no grave but the sea.

The names of those who fell are commemorated on the walls of the garden at the entrance to which stands the vaulted colonnade, completed in , bearing the names of the dead of the War.

Panel records the name of: Grogan, second radio Offr. SS Virgilia [Glasgow] 24th November Son of Margaret Grogan of Ballyhaunis, Co.

He was doing a job he loved and had visited places around the world that as a young boy tossing the hay in the fields around Ballyhaunis he could only have dreamed about.

He was my grand uncle. His body, coincidentally, was not recovered, and he is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial in France.

Anthony Jordan John Grealy and Christine McGrath on their wedding day in Manchester, October , with the Killinaugher group who travelled out from Knock Airport to be with them on their special day.

John Grealy is originally from Killinaugher. Christine McGrath was born in Manchester of Irish parents: We all returned to Ireland after having a brilliant weekend with the Grealy and McGrath families.

My best friend, now almost ninety years old, believes the first one is correct. The second line belongs to me. In the small space allowed to me in your widely read magazine I will try to clear up this matter.

You, the reader, can have my side of the story and decide for yourself which of us is right. He seems to have forgotten the beautiful spring wells gushing priceless water up out of the ground.

Pollution and constant drainage spelled the end of the only pure quality drinking water. The nearest well to my own house suffered the same fate and all that remains is a county council notice: Our current supply comes from somewhere up near Ballinrobe, pumped directly into fifty-thousand gallon towers which will remain stagnant until used, and a special screen fitted at the base to prevent unwelcome matter reaching the household tap.

Next, he rants on about no heat. Has he ever seen the woman of the house suffer from shin brackets due to working beside this red menace? That is why they invented silk stockings to cover up the unsightly blotches.

Another item my friends regrets not having when he was young was electricity. For a Monster size, and strictly organic.

I was an expert at making rush candles, a beautiful smokeless light, ten candle-power surely. When you had to travel at night the carbide lamp would light up the darkest road for a hundred yards, or would pick out a quiet, sheltery spot for your romantic encounter with the girlfriend.

There is only one winner: My friend also maintains he had no transport. What about the horse and trap, or the horse and sidecar, or the horse and cart?

Did he ever hear tell of a bicycle? Beautiful transport surely, provided the two riders kept the same distance apart. Anything less spelled disaster: No fuel costs was another great saving.

That must be more than enough to win the transport argument with my friend. What about his stand on sanitary facilities, or the lack of them?

Ballyhaunis, like so many other towns, has suffered more than its share of land and air pollution, with absolutely no end in sight.

Our environment minister has plans for improving the situation. He also bellyaches about having no money. For his information you required very little money when you were selfsufficient.

There was more than enough for the whole family. If a farmer was seen coming out of the shop with meat and vegetables etc.

Perhaps money can be best summed up with the following few lines. When this friend of mine was young the favourite song on the hit parade went something like this: My very first lesson was as follows: She knew all the mighty giants, all Tony Carney, with old time the master minds of science All the learning ever turning in the Dash Churn, made around When the reader comes to decision whether my friend of I have won, then read over my contribution to Annagh Magazine and give me your Number One.

See you next year, God willing. She been operating since opening for business in September, Indeed, later returned to her Knox Street home and took over the running of for the first time in living memory, pupils from the local catchment area the family grocery business.

Cecily took over the business of retailing school books, following the closure of Mrs. Relaxing at her comfortable Knox Street home, Cecily recounted how she entered the business almost forty years ago: After some thought, and discussions with my husband, Donald, who was End of an Era.

Cecily a building contractor at that time, I made up my Moran, where she successfully traded since Dublin to her native east Mayo town that her talents as a gifted and Looking back over four decades of supplying school books to speedy typist, were being sought after.

A fledgling new political party, the children of the locality, Cecily says: A woman of many, many satisfaction. Cecily enjoyed her work and enjoyed the banter with the talents indeed!

A wonderful service, which the town and its hinterland will Cecily, who is a mother of seven children sadly, one of her children, greatly miss.

Padraig, died tragically in , is looking forward to devoting a little The former Cecily Garvey was born in England, and, while just more time to a fancy which has been a passion for her since her a baby, was brought to Ballyhaunis, when her parents, Patrick and childhood - namely the study of archaeology, and seeking out places of Brigid, set up a grocery business at their home on Knox Street.

An A lady whose name is well and truly carved into the annals and the accomplished footballer, Donald, who worked as a builder in history of the town of Ballyhaunis for many years to come, whatever Ballinasloe for some time, played senior football for the county Galway Cecily Moran decides to do with the remainder of her life, one thing is club and turned in many stirring performances for the Ballinasloe team, for sure, she will be forever remembered as a lady of exceptional skills, particularly in the championship seasons of and Following whose contribution to the town of Ballyhaunis and its hinterland, will their marriage in , the couple interrupted their honeymoon to be remembered by generations to come.

Sadly, Donald passed to his eternal reward when he died suddenly twenty years ago. He was laid to rest on Christmas Eve, T Taken in the U.

Kilkenny on Friday, October 10th. Nathan is also a regular sports presenter with TV3. Paddy Joe Tighe - Music and My Roots Introduction by Alan Morrisroe addy Joe was asked some time ago if he might consider writing an account of his life as a musician, and the worthwhile exercise it would represent for readers at large of the Annagh Magazine.

Paddy Joe has committed himself whole-heartedly to this task and is now happy to present his account to all concerned. In turn he has asked me, Alan Morrisroe, to write an introduction to his account, which also involves recognition of his family roots as he best knows them.

Although I had lived about eight miles from the Tighes by road and much less as the crow flies, my young age had prevented me from knowing them until then.

I am from the village of Barnacogue pronounced Barnacuega , which is located immediately to the west of Knock Airport, and I grew up in a home where the natural form of traditional music was ever present.

She was a dancer, having been taught by the travelling dancing master of that era, and also a singer and melodeon player. Her presence inevitably imbued in my father, and to whatever extent myself, a connection with that wonderful and essential element in dance music called lift.

Lift does not exist, I feel, in our modern rendering of this music simply because people do not have traditional music feeling naturally in their lives anymore.

I realised very quickly all those years ago that Paddy Joe had a quality in his music expression that was truly traditional, and I was to discover over the years to follow that this is not typical for a person of his time of birth.

Men and women wore clogs up to a certain point in time and the rhythmic sound from dancers on those floors must have been truly amazing. Should my father have been born five or six years later he might not have grown up with this experience, or most likely not to the same extent.

Were he to have been born ten years later he would typically have had little connection with any of it, although his home, just like the Tighes, may well have seen it continue on.

It would appear that nothing lasts forever, and as the house dances disappeared, especially as a result of the dancehall taking over, most of the older musicians now played less frequently in the absence of their natural platform, and in turn causing the vast majority of the younger generation to have little if any exposure and thus connection to what was a short time before a natural traditional recreation.

The language of our countryside music died out and only the occasional person of a much younger age like Paddy Joe still possessed it.

Having been brought up in an environment involving an amazing strain of traditional music in his family, he possesses that all-important expression in his music that compels one to do something to it.

It is unusual in the extreme, in my view, for someone like him born as late as to possess this degree of expression.

He played in his youth for the natural step dancers and set dancers much as he would have done were he living a whole generation before.

He was called upon as one of the few musicians available to play the real thing for the older generation who still felt like having a dance at whatever party gathering was taking place.

One encountered home parties, house or hotel wedding parties, or indeed the traditional dances done in the pubs when the pub music scene began to develop from say on, including his later time performing in The Ship Inn.

I remember the old half sets done in The Ship Inn in Charlestown through the to period. I have recorded Paddy Joe and his mother Kate from as far back as the late s, and I did so out of sheer necessity on my part so that I would experience as much of that category of music as possible, and since lesser expression from other sources of our 39 music had little meaning for me.

I recorded my grandmother from the time we got our first tape recorder in , and, after she had passed away in at the age of nearly 97, I attempted to meet musicians as near to her age group as I could so that I might capture still more of that wonderful expression.

Ultimately I began collecting the oldest format of recorded sound, namely, the gramophone, or 78rpm records as they were also called, and which had begun to be recorded as long ago as in New York City Paddy Joe refers to my record collection later.

She visited with me the Tighe home often and got to know Kate Tighe very well. Audrey summed it up very well when I asked her how she might help me explain those essential aspects of our old countryside music, or any music, that may often cause one to cry with joy - she replied with the following: In other words, what makes it special, one spoils in the attempt to explain it.

I will hand over now to you Paddy Joe. They now had three daughters and two sons, where Bill was the youngest of the family.

Bill was born in , and was only four years old when his family moved in One more child was born to Tom and Marie and they named him Jim.

So, Jim was the only child of their family born in England. Their father got work in the coalmines doing the very tough job of coal mining.

At the outbreak of World War 2 he was driving a coal lorry and he was now married with two children. After many failed attempts at writing over his young years, it was finally in London that his writing skills began to be recognised.

In a short story of his was accepted and published by the London Evening News. My great-grandparents, Mickey and Ann Naughton, are buried in Ballyhaunis graveyard.

My maternal great-grandfather, Mickey Naughton, was born in Knockroe, Carrowkeel located about two miles westsouth-west of Ballyhaunis, towards Bekan , later moving to Tubber, Aughamore.

Mickey and Ann had four daughters and one son. I heard him say that when he used to visit his two uncles Thomas and Patrick Naughton, who shared the same holding of land in Knockroe, Carrowkeel, he used to walk across the fields to Mass in Bekan church.

Then, in or , they came back to Ireland and Bridget my grandmother inherited the family farm in Ballinacostello where she was born, from her parents Patrick and Catherine Coleman.

My grandparents, Michael and Bridget Naughton, never went back to America, and the only exception of my grandfather being away from home after that, was when he went to work in England, like many of his fellow men of that day.

Their daughter Kate, and only girl my mother , was born in January After that, Paddy and Jim were born, Paddy in or and Jim a few years later.

She would stand outside each door without being told, as the various deliveries were made. They were inspired by their older first cousin, Johnny Burke and also by a lady called Kate Coleman, their next-door neighbour in Ballinacostello.

Kate was a melodeon player and a second cousin of their mother Bridget. What they used to do was to listen outside when she would be playing and they learned her tunes in that manner.

Kate Coleman was born sometime around and was just a little younger than her second cousin, my grandmother Bridget. I remember Kate Coleman but I never heard her play, and she was a nice accordion player according to my mother.

She never married however. I heard my mother say many times, that when Johnny Burke went to America he played on occasions with the very famous McNulty Family, who made an extraordinary number of recordings in New York City from the year to about She immigrated to the USA in and began establishing herself and her young children, Eileen and Peter, presenting stage acts from as early as After her husband died a young man in , she was forced to try to earn a living from the stage.

The McNulty Family, as they were to become known, went on to become one of the most famous names among the Irish and others in America and performed with huge distinction right up to the early sixties.

They told me that their paternal grandfather was from the Ballyhaunis area. My mother and uncle Paddy were from that era of people who learned their music and dance as one learns to speak.

Those homes at that time were nearly always of the thatched variety and all of them small in size. The soul of people was expressed in their music and dance, being handed on from the older generation with all of the qualities that compels you to get stuck in and do something to it, and one would dance their heart out, as we used to say.

My mother told me that in her young days in Ballinacostello a travelling family, known as the Wards, spent a lot of their time in the parish of Aughamore.

This travelling family had a gramophone at a time when few country people had yet to possess one. Their only means of transport in those days was a donkey and cart and their sleeping accommodation was that of a very basic tent.

The travelling man and woman in question were Tom Ward and his wife Biddy, and their youngest daughter, Bridgeen. During the s when they came to camp near Ballinacostello, my mother and her friends, my uncles and their friends, would visit the Wards to listen to their gramophone records.

My mother told me that there was many a set danced on the road to the music from those gramophone records. Bridgeen Ward soon learned to dance the sets and would join in with the rest of the dancers.

My mother said that Bridgeen Ward was a good singer. When my father and mother got married, the Wards, because they knew my mother so well, always made their visit in our house in Arderry.

They are buried in Aughamore graveyard. However, I do remember their oldest daughter very well. Her name was Maney, and she was married to John McDonagh.

Bridgeen Ward, who I have already mentioned, married a man called Barney Doherty, and Barney was one of the best bare-knuckled fighters among the Irish travellers.

Local influences Other people I have to thank for my inspiration as a musician are Pat Leonard and Tommy Thady Stenson of Carrabaun, Aghamore, who were tin whistle players; Michael Carney from my own village, Arderry, who played the concert flute and tin whistle; George Stenson from Cappagh who played the tin whistle and fiddle, and yet another tin whistle player, John P.

It is important to state that most of the older men who played a tin whistle in their older years were flute players when younger.

He was the brother of their grandfather Jimmy Cox who was a tailor as well as a farmer, in Carrabaun. She and my grandfather Pat Tighe died a couple of years before I was born.

From listening to all those fine tin whistle players mentioned above, I told myself I wanted to be a tin whistle player, and I achieved it.

I learned to play the tin whistle before the accordion in actual fact. Tom was an uncle of Michael Nolan, Clooncan. Michael is very interested in all aspects of traditional Irish music and promotes it in every way he knows how.

My memories of our teachers are of them being very capable, and they took a great interest in their pupils. They had a great love for the Irish language and taught it splendidly too.

My neighbour and school friend Peadar Cassidy, and I were the only ones in our school interested in traditional music and I remember the two of us playing our tin whistles on the way home from school.

Traditional music and dance had died out by that time. I will always remember my last day in school. It was Christmas and Miss Gurran had arranged a concert and play.

Going back to this happy last day in school, I remember the singers at the concert were Eileen Carney and John Cassidy, both from Arderry.

The concert, which was so well arranged by Miss Gurran, was held in the middle room with the partition pulled back. Miss Gurran had asked me to bring my button accordion, which was newly bought just one year before, to play for the concert.

I had it in my shopping bag by my side waiting for her to prompt me to play at the correct moment. I was so happy, as I had only recently learned to play it, and to the delight and loud applause of the audience, I played a selection of tunes, some of which I learned from Michael Carney, who played the concert flute at the sprees those days, together with his friend Henry Folliard on his single-row accordion.

Their wings, so real looking, were made out of wire and crepe paper, and were without any doubt a work of art. Michael Duffy from Keelderra played the part of St.

Music went on to be a big part of my life. I remember playing at farewell parties for friends who were emigrating to England, as was normal in those days, some of whom were never to come back except for a holiday.

The problem, says Cook, is getting bigger because the number of Android users is growing. Given the unsatisfactory state of the earlyth century theatre, when Shakespeare was atrociously mangled even more than now, this was hardly surprising. The Yes campaign pointed out that independence would grant Scotland an opportunity to embark on the reforms needed to build a welfare system more robust than that being dismantled by the coalition government. By milenijum bet of the cheap chanel bags uk Outside pocket, inside pocket leather paysafecard. Was finden Sie auf meiner Website interessant?

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